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Welcome to the second edition of the
TOP9.COM newsletter!

New On TOP9!
TOP9 EXCLUSIVE: We've been puzzled at times when using search engines, so we did our own analysis to compare the results. We think you'll find the report, linked on the TOP9.com home page, to be quite enlightening and extensive.

We discovered that at best, the search engines only return about 50% of the sites that consumers are most interested in viewing. At worst, only one of your top 10 favorite sites was listed.

It helped us realize that we've been on track with the direction of TOP9.com, and that compliments in our fan mail are real. No duplicates, redirects or obscure links: just your favorites!
Locking Out the Lock-Ins
Have you been frustrated by websites that "lock you in" once you go to them? An increasing number of sites automatically disable the "back" button on your browser once you load their page. This can be especially frustrating to those who use our directory, and want to return to our listings after they've checked-out a site.

TOP9 wants to be your best resource for the Internet. Therefore, we've decided to warn surfers before they link to such a site. We will soon start placing small padlock icons next to sites in our listings that disable back buttons. You'll know ahead of time whether it takes two or more clicks to exit the site. Our visitors can then make the choice whether to proceed to that site or select another one. In the meantime, if you find a site in our listings that does this, let us know so we can make a note of it!
TOP9 Is Family Friendly
Did you know that TOP9 is a family friendly site? We do not list any adult, violent, or offensive websites in our rankings. In addition, we have a terrific Family Matters section which contains links to websites that offer a wealth of information for kids, teens, families, seniors, and more. In fact, this section is one of the most frequently accessed parts of TOP9.

Need information on a health problem? Check out our Health Matters category. Looking for family safe entertainment? You’ll find it in our Family Entertainment category. There are also categories on pets, parenting, house and home, fitness, and one especially for women. Our Kids TOP9 Index, accessed by a link at the bottom of our main page, contains links to teen sites, kids sites, kids games, comic sites, and educational sites.
TOP9 Enhancements
TOP9.com has several news-related categories, found in many of the major sections. You can also use our handy News Index, which brings together 12 of the most popular news and information categories onto one handy page.

For international site fans, we now have springtime rankings available for the top sites from 15 countries, including the UK, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Holland and Canada. A special China index pulls together five categories of Chinese language sites from China, Hong Kong and beyond.

We've also added a Wordfinder game to the site! The link is on the main page or click here. Once you find a word, click and drag your mouse to circle it. If (!) you solve the puzzle, you can re-scramble it and start all over. Have fun!
New and Revised Categories
In an ongoing effort to refine our category structure, TOP9 has added and revised several categories...

We now have a Shoes category in our Auctions and Shopping section...and have added a Sports Apparel category to our Sports and Hobbies section. In News and Media, there are three new categories: Internet Marketing/Advertising, Compensated Surveys, and Opt-In Email Marketing. Also in News and Media, we have incorporated the old Polling and Surveys category into a new Consumer Research category. Finally, two related categories, Affiliate Programs and Banner Ads, have been added to our Internet and Freebies section.

Stay tuned, as more category changes are coming!
So What’s A TOP99 Anyway?
Linked from our main page, our TOP99 Sites page provide an overview of the top 99 most popular websites on the Internet. There are also TOP 99 lists in the following different categories: Online Communities, Free Stuff, ISP's, Search Engines, Employment Sites, Health Sites, Newspapers, and Universities. A very handy way to get an overall picture of what's happening on the web, and in several popular areas. Be sure to take a look at these rankings.
No Need for Summertime Blues
The search for college tuition aid can be tedious. The process can be eased by using our Financial Aid page as your base. You'll find 18 of the top student loan and scholarship sites there, which should make your quest for cash a little less painful.

How about summer vacation planning? Several categories in our Travel & Transport section provide the links you need, covering cruise lines, hotels, airlines, online booking agents, rental cars, resources, bed-and-breakfasts, destinations, and vacation & tour packagers. TOP9.com is your one-stop travel planning shop!
What's Next on TOP9.com?
Stay tuned to TOP9.com as we refine our e-commerce categories to better reflect the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the internet's top websites.

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