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Why Our Rankings Are Better

Top9.com performs better than the major search engines; our study proves it! See for yourself what Top9.com gives you as the web's best sites, and compare what the search engines provide as their best sites.

Top9.com is better than other Web ranking directories for several simple reasons:

  • Sites listed in the "Top 9" are based on scientifically acquired rankings, not on arbitrary or subjective information and opinions. "Top9" rankings can not be purchased.
  • No typing or keywords - Just point & click to reach a shortlist of the web's best sites!
  • Rankings are based on unique monthly visitors, not hit counters or other inaccurate measures. An individual user is counted only once monthly, no matter how often they visit a site that month.
  • There are no membership fees or paid listings in the "Top 9" ranking. What you see are the most popular sites on the Web.
  • Nearly 300 categories are currently listed, covering a wide range of the Web's most popular topics.
  • Top 9.com users do not need to join, pay or otherwise become members. Access is free and open to everyone.
  • The site is easy to navigate; from our home page, you can reach your favorite sites in just two or three clicks.
  • We do not use frames or other tricks.
  • Our methodology is clearly explained, and rankings and Unique Visitor numbers are clearly displayed.
  • We respond! We are a new site, and are happy to hear from users as to how we can improve Top 9.com. Coming improvements include a search engine, category description page and quick-search index.

More information on Top 9.com can be found on
our "About Us" and "FAQ" pages.

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