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Top9.com - About Us

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Top9.com is the Internet's first Search Directory to use consumer intelligence to comprehensively rank the most popular websites by industry category on a monthly basis. Top9.com will change how consumers look for information and products on the Internet - no more wading through useless clutter and broken links. And its simple design will allow consumers to easily surf using PCs, hand-held devices, and WebTV. Top9.com is more than just another online search directory - it is a tool to empower consumers to make smart decisions.

Top9.com is a new business venture of Omega World Travel, which has signed a five-year agreement with PC Data Online for exclusive rights to consumer research intelligence for Top9.com. PC Data Online surveys "unique users" from a panel of over 120,000 real-time home users of the Internet - the largest domestic home panel of any Internet measurement firm. Because of the size of the survey pool, and the independent methodology used by PC Data Online, Top9.com's rankings are based on the most reliable Internet consumer research data available today.


Why do the Internet rating services differ? We feel that PC Data Online represents the best Internet research service today, because they offer the largest user base, and this base generally excludes business users. The two other major services available rely heavily on business users, and have smaller overall user bases. By focusing on consumers, the PC Data results tend to give a more accurate representation of the Internet's usage patterns; we feel the data are more "pure" in how they portray consumer Internet use.

Sites appearing on the "Top9" listings are based on objective rankings; rankings can not be purchased or influenced by outside factors or opinions.

Top9 rankings are based on "unique users," a calculation of the number of unduplicated monthly visitors to a site. A unique user is counted only one time, even if the user logs on to a particular site more than once within the survey period of time. This is different from the number of "page impressions," or "hits" that a site receives, wherein the same user may be counted multiple times. The subcategories, which appear on the Home Page and second level of Top9.com contain the "composite" number of visitors.

The rankings are based on survey data retrieved and categorized during the previous month. Any sites that contain pornographic material have been excluded. More than 45,000 websites have been categorized on Top9.com so far, each listed only once. Many sites could fall under multiple categories; we have placed a company in the category that best represents the majority of their services or products. For example, Amazon.com is located in Auctions & Shopping: Popular Books, which represents their largest business enterprise.

A company with more than one website in the Top9 will be listed only once (such companies are noted with an asterisk). Only publicly available sites are listed; if a site requires a password or membership, it is not displayed. Duplicate or redirected sites are also not listed. All of these sites are, however, configured into overall rankings and visitor ratings, to maintain a realistic and accurate representation of Web traffic.

About Omega World Travel
Omega World Travel, a global leader in the travel industry, has gained prominence by advancing the leading edge of travel technology. With the introduction of Top9.com, Omega continues to diversify its portfolio of Internet-based ventures, which already includes Airdeals.com, Tourdeals.com and Cruise.com, the internet's largest cruise seller. With over 200 offices in the U.S., Japan and the U.K., Omega's internet strategy is based on a "Click and Brick" philosophy. Gloria Bohan is President and CEO of Omega, which is the largest woman-owned business in the Washington, DC area and one of the ten largest corporate travel agencies in the US.

About About PC Data
PC Data is the leading technology intelligence firm in the US, providing comprehensive point-of-sale data on all software and hardware products. The company's latest initiative includes PC Data, an Internet monitoring service, pcdataonline.com which offers clients real-time data collection on website activity and e-commerce. PC Data Online uses random digital disk enumeration studies to produce the demographic data to profile the home users that they use as one-year panelists. in its third month of operations, PC Data Online meters 120,000 households in the US. During 2000, the company intends to increase the survey group to 200,000, by adding international and business-to-business surveying data.

More information about Top9.com:
Dan Bohan, President, Top9.com
703-359-8868 dbohan@Top9.com

Ann Stephens, President, PC Data,
703-435-1025 astephens@pcdata.com

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