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Welcome to the first edition of the
TOP9.com newsletter!

Our purpose is to provide you with up-to-date information about using TOP 9 and the Web, while offering some interesting news along the way. Please give us your comments and feedback!


Several new categories have been added to Top 9 this month. Our "Ask the Experts" page will help with those difficult or complicated Web searches, and can be found in the Reference & Science section. The top site in this category is the well-known "ask.com," one of the Web's Top 20 sites according to PCData.

Several new categories enhance our "Health, Family & Culture" section, including:

In our "Top 99s" section, we have added a listing of the Web's "Top99 Health Sites". Coming soon, the "Top 99 Employment Sites" will round out the list.

TOP9 Enhancements

Ever wonder what types of sites make up the Web's top 10,000 sites? Are they E-commerce related? Search engines? Adult?
Web Category Percentages Page tells all!

Who are the biggies in Arts & Entertainment? How about Sports & Hobbies? Make sure to scan our
Category Top 9's Index for rankings of the Web's major players.

Can't find it on TOP9.com?

Try using our Alpha Index.

Unsure what makes up a particular category?
Our Definition Listing describes each category on TOP9.com.

Who is Number One?

Southwest Airline's "iflyswa.com" website has had an unbroken #1 streak since November, as has UC Berkeley's "berkeley.edu" site. A tour through our archives can reveal which sites are consistently on top, which categories tend to have stability, and which categories experience constant URL turnover. For example, the five top-ranking newspapers held their respective positions this month, which is an indication of user loyalty.

As you might expect, there are lots of
new tax sites this month, with everyone's favorite "irs.gov" leading the pack... After April 15, of course, most of these sites will experience a dramatic drop in their rankings.

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