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TOP9.com News Release

January 16, 2001

CONTACT: Chris Matthews: 703-359-0200 x328

TOP9.com Announces the Launch of Fastest Growing Websites


A listing of the twenty fastest growing web sites, called "Who's on the Move?!", has been added to the ranking directory, TOP9.com.

Users often wonder how practically unknown web sites make a dramatic entrance into the Top 9 categories. The listing, which will be updated monthly, shows just how explosive the number of unique users can change within in the course of one month. "We've all been surprised to see who's going to make the list each month. Each site can be a virtual rollercoaster for popularity,"
said TOP9.com President Dan Bohan.

This is just another "surfer friendly" campaign that has become a Top9.com tradition. The first was providing consumers with a listing of annoying websites that either lock you in by disabling your browsers back button, or pop up a barrage of ads. The second was creating a weekly search comparison, showing the results from other search engines and comparing them to Top9.com. "We're hoping that these 'Who's on the Move?!' sites will let surfers know what a difference they can make to one website. After all, the surfers decide who's hot, and who's not," added Bohan.

Although, some of these sites will end up being one-month wonders, others may just rocket to a status similar to Yahoo! So, be on the lookout for these up-and-coming sites.

TOP9.com is a search and ranking directory featuring the top nine web sites in nearly 300 categories.

TOP9.com is a business venture of Omega World Travel (www.owt.net), which has signed a five-year agreement with PC Data (www.pcdataonline.com) for exclusive rights to consumer research intelligence for TOP9.com. PC Data surveys the largest panel of any internet measurement firm. Because of the size of the survey pool, and the independent methodology used by PC Data, TOP9.com's rankings are based on the most reliable internet consumer research data available today.

Information concerning "Who’s On the Move?!" is found at

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